Full Day Real Estate Workshop with Jason Buzi

Getting to 7 figures a year with no employees and low overhead – how I have done it and you can too. Saturday, POSTPONED April 18 from 9am to 5pm in Mountain View, CA.

Most real estate investment courses and gurus…

    • DON’T teach you how to do large deals.

    • DON’T show you how to do less deals for more profit.

    • DON’T even know how to do these things…

So what happens is you get a lot of people using the same strategies to chase small deals where they make $5K or $10K per deal.


THAT won’t get you very far!

You need to learn how to do BIG deals!

YOU WILL learn all this and more from this online course.

About the training

In September 2018, some of the top real estate investors in the country gathered in San Diego, CA for a unique conference called “500K Deals”.

As the name would suggest, this conference was dedicated to sharing how they make $500K+ on a single deal.

This is the ONLY place where you can get:

  • 13 hours of  video modules
  • on 10 different real estate investment strategies
  • taught by 12 millionaire experts

all showing you how to make $500K+ per deal, as they do consistently.

Hours of Video

Bonus Modules


Multi-Millionaire Presenters

This has never before been offered anywhere.

Just Some of What You will learn 


Condo and TIC Conversion


Cash Flowing + Cashing Out Tax Free with Multifamily


"How I made $1.4M on one deal with a little know development strategy"


How to Flip Hotels & Other Commercial Properties


Wholesaling & Syndicating Multifamily


BONUS: a 90 minute presentation by me, Jason Buzi, on my 7 figure a year strategies, using little known niches


Making Big Money with Mortgage Notes


Bulk SFR Acquisition via Hedge Funds

+ More!


This is very practical material. You are learning things that you can immediately go and put into action. It’s not just theory and it’s not just information - there is step by step and play by play things that you can act on right now!

Judah M.

San Diego, CA

There is so much knowledge shared here openly - it blew my mind. The speakers are amazing and the content expanded my mind to what is possible. I have so much enthusiasm to reach my higher goals!

Olga L.

Alameda, CA

I finally decided to jump in to real estate and I believe the information that I learned in this training will catapult me to my first deal.

Stephanie S.

Sacramento, CA

What’s amazing is learning from all of these speakers that have the same mindset as me - that is making the $500K+ deals happen. I had a lot of things that I could take away and implement right away from the content that was provided by the speakers.

Lindsey M.

San Diego

Whether you are a beginning or advanced investor, how much is it worth to you, to learn from the top investors in the country, how they pull millions of dollars doing BIG deals, deals that net them $500K+?

We charged $5,000 a person for the event, and the room was full.

But now, for a limited time, you can have all these recordings, 12 experts, 13 hours, for only $995.

This price will be going up soon.

We really pull the curtain back in our $500K Deals program and show you everything you need to know to generate your first half a million dollar+ real estate deal.

Think if you could just do one more 6 figure deal a year with even one of these strategies. What would that mean to your bottom line?

What if you mastered 2 or 3 strategies and did a few big deals every year? Some of these methods literally require no money of your own to do.

$500K Deals Online


Available NOW For ONLY


Successful investors know the best investment they can make is in themselves. If you invest in yourself now, it could pay off many fold in the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the very best!

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Speaker Lineup

Raul Luna - 7 Figure Mindset

Jason Buzi - 7 Figures, Part Time, No Staff

Jennifer Jones - Condo & TIC Conversion

Dani Crowell - Bulk SFR Acquisition

Mike Flaherty - Wholesaling Multifamily

Robert Vasquez - Flipping Commercial

Dave Van Horn - Mortgage Notes

Jared Vidales - Bulk SFR Acquisition

Marco Kozlowski - Flipping Luxury Homes & Hotels

Peter Tang - The $1.4m Deal

Dave Dey - 4 Strategies for $500K Deals

Dave Marsh - Cashing Out Multifamily

$500K Deals Online


Available for a limited time at $995

This is knowledge that is literally worth millions and took many years of experience for these experts to learn. You cannot get this content anywhere else. Buy it now before the price goes up or it becomes unavailable!

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